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Atlantic Salmon Trust and Salmon & Trout Association both work with Fishmongers Co, London. 

The demise of the west coast salmon and sea trout


  • Scottish Government advise the proposed closure of salmon netting on the East coast.
  • Salmon & Trout Association website states they are “astounded” by the news.
  • Scotsman reports: Wild salmon populations in all rivers in the west Highlands and Inner Hebrides have fallen below “safe” limits to ensure their survival, according to Scottish government analysis.
  • Every west coast river bar one is deemed by the Scottish government to be below the conservation limit (CL)
  • Trout & salmon magazine editorial states: – “The west coast however have been given the short straw. As to why its rivers have been given category 3 status (lowest CL), there is one outstanding thing the West has that the East doesn’t. Yes, salmon farming. Surely no coincidence.”
  • Salmon & Trout Assoc. Scottish director now also Director of Salmon & Trout Conservation Scotland (S&TCS) states “ The fact that no single river within salmon farming’s heartland of the West Highlands and Inner Hebrides has a sufficient stock of wild salmon for any exploitation  to be sustainable cannot be a coincidence..”
  • Scotsman newspaper reports: Scottish Government announces large research programme for the West Coast “ We are working with Scotland’s salmon farming industry and representatives of the wild salmon sector on an ambitious programme of research which will explore any potential risk to wild salmon from sea lice, which will help inform Scottish Government policy in relation to supporting both sustainable growth in aquaculture and conserving important wild salmon stocks”
  • Scotland’s national 2015 Marine Plan 7.18 states: There is a continuing presumption against further marine fish farm developments on the north and east coasts to help safeguard migratory fish species.
  • Atlantic Salmon Trust and Salmon & Trout Assoc. have had a quiet period during MIAP (a Scottish Government project they supported to promote the growth of salmon farms on the West Coast of Scotland). There is now clearly Scottish Government backed  opportunities for wild fish organisations for yet further never ending research on the ‘problems’ facing the West Coast of Scotland. This will be no doubt bring lucrative grants and revenue  to these “wild” fish organisations already waiting in line.
  • The problems facing the West Coast require no more science and no more data – salmon farms  need to start closing down. Anything other would suggest that curtains are being closed to hide the problem of aquaculture on the marine environment.
  • The Scottish Governments policy is to increase salmon farming on the West Coast of Scotland.


Protect Wild Scotland are campaigning under ‘Safe Passage’ for the Scottish Government to start closing down salmon farms.